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25 Unconventional Life Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

There is nothing more incredible than an awesome life hack video. It resembles this light goes ahead in your mind and you understand that you’ve been completing a superfluous measure of work as long as you can remember when there is a basic, simple, virtuoso arrangement you never envisioned. What’s more, all of a sudden your whole life gets such ... Read More »

Myspace What Is The Hype All About?

What is MySpace? Its an online community that lets you meet your friends friends. Share your journal, photos, and interests with a new growing list of friends. It’s a good way to find out about people in the area you live, work and hang out. MySpace is for anyone and everyone! Got a friend that you haven’t talked to in ... Read More »

Commercial Wheelchair Lift

People who are not able to walk because of an accident or old age need special requirements to move around. Some malls and schools have installed ramps making it easy for the person to go in or out. Because there is a need for these lifts in homes and in vehicles, some companies have decided to make these commercially available. ... Read More »

The Brief History Of The Sport Utility Vehicle

Most of us are familiar with the birth of the automobile and Henry Ford’s Model “T,” but we often overlook the creation of one of the most popular vehicles on the road: the SUV. As time marches on, so does everything else and at one point the need for a larger, more rugged vehicle emerged paving the way for all ... Read More »

Simple Golf Warm Up Exercise

Golf warm up you say? Aren’t you supposed to rush to the course, pull out the BIG DOG, take a few hacks at it and start your round? Is that what you do? Come on be honest with yourself. If so, what was the result on the first tee? Ill bet it wasnt even a par! Am I wrong? I ... Read More »

10 Remarkable Dad Hacks That Are Funny and Brilliant

It’s great being a mother, however infrequently I figure we women don’t give our spouses enough credit! My hubby buckles down and still discovers time to go through with our children each night. That being stated, there are disadvantages that accompany working a 9-5 work that go past the lost time. Since he needs to juggle so much obligation, he ... Read More »

20 Amazingly Useful Straw Life-Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Plastic straws aren’t something I ordinarily utilize. Generally I simply drink my refreshments appropriate out of the glass. In any case, sooner or later a couple of years prior I obviously wanted to purchase an entire gigantic box of them. Possibly it was for a gathering or for my children. I truly have no idea, since I haven’t made any ... Read More »