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The 11 funniest hacker attacks

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Dark cap digital psychological militants utilize their 1337 abilities for a wide range of loathsome purposes, however now and again they simply need a decent giggle. The prankster attitude has been a piece of programmer culture since the start, and in this component we’ll rundown the eleven most silly circumstances PCs were traded off for lulz.

Air conditioning/DC Power Plant

At the point when a programmer accesses a PC framework, they can influence it to do a wide range of things. Be that as it may, when a worm gained into the power arrangement of a few atomic research offices in Iran, it chose to shake out. The malware, which was first revealed in 2012, did the normal things like closing down checking stations and other equipment, however it additionally had a one of a kind mark. At irregular circumstances amid the night, it would enact workstations and influence them to play “Flabbergasted” by unbelievable hard musical gang air conditioning/DC at greatest volume.

Activity Cupcake

Not all hacks are executed by adolescents in dull storm cellars. Some come coordinate from the corridors of energy in the legislature and military. The greater part of those aren’t especially interesting, yet sometimes a joke sneaks through.

A valid example: “Task Cupcake,” a 2011 hack by English insight benefit MI6 that assumed control over a radical Muslim minister’s online magazine and supplanted an article on the most proficient method to make pipe bombs in your kitchen with a gathering of cupcake formulas acquired from the Ellen DeGeneres appear. Truly, wouldn’t it be better on the off chance that we had suicide cupcakers rather than aircraft, however?

News 14 Carolina

A large number of the best PC hacks connect into this present reality too, as this represents. In 2004, a gathering of pranksters understood that North Carolina’s News 14 took its on-screen snow day school terminations from an online message board naturally. They instantly began flooding it with adolescent messages like “Cecil’s Cockring Emporium – Move down Tomorrow” and “All Your Base Are Have a place With Us.” This proceeded for just about three hours previously the station got on.

Ika-Tako Infection

Regularly we don’t think about infections to be all that amusing, and in the event that one of our PCs got hit with the Japanese-made Ika-Tako infection there presumably wouldn’t be much giggling. All things considered, however, it’s sufficiently foolish to be clever.

The malware, which was first seen in 2010, masks itself as a sound record. At the point when it’s run, it clears through the hard drive, erasing documents and supplanting them with adorable toon pictures of octopuses, squid and ocean urchins. The first documents are then transferred to the infection maker’s remote server. Masato Nakatsuiji, the man mindful, was captured and given two years and a half year in jail for his endeavors.

Lenovo Site Hack

The most recent couple of years have seen another type of programmers go to the bleeding edge, roused by the sheer want to cause however much bedlam as could be expected. Outstanding amongst other known gatherings is Reptile Squad, who burned through 2014 bringing down many focuses with youthful and frequently strange techniques. Maybe their most amusing hack was gone for PC maker Lenovo.

In February of 2015, the Squad brought down the company’s webpage and supplanted it with what seemed, by all accounts, to be a webcam bolster of exhausted looking adolescents soundtracked to a tune from “Secondary School Melodic.” Who were these children? The world may never know, however the sheer foolishness of the hack gains it a spot on the rundown.

Godzilla Street Sign

As an ever increasing number of gadgets are arranged together, it makes it less demanding for programmers to control them. A valid example: when some driven pranksters made sense of how to get into electronic street signs in San Francisco in 2014, they re-customized the messages to peruse “GODZILLA Assault – TURN BACK!” Gratefully, no mischances were caused by drivers escaping mammoth radioactive reptiles, however despite everything it caused a ton of perplexity.

Burger Lord Twitter

Online networking is a twofold edged sword for the present brands. It’s an essential piece of working together, yet it can likewise turn out badly in a moment. Burger Lord discovered this out the most difficult way possible when someone assumed control over their Twitter account in 2013.

The programmer posted a message guaranteeing the fast food establishment had been sold to long-lasting adversary McDonalds and changed their show name and symbol to the Brilliant Curves. They didn’t keep up the stratagem for long, as the record was suspended after around 60 minutes, however it was stunning to watch such a major company get claimed.


The ascent of Bitcoin has opened the entryways for a wide range of shenanigans – for reasons unknown a mysterious, untraceable money can be utilized for detestable pretty effectively. Be that as it may, the most interesting Bitcoin-related hack that we’ve known about occurred in 2011 when the gatherings at, a standout amongst the most noticeable and obvious dialog territories for the money, were assumed control by an unknown programmer and changed into “Cosbycoin.” Smiling pictures of Bill Cosby were spread all around, alongside connections to an entire site that had been set up to pitch the pudding-enhanced digital money.

Britney Lances Twitter

Normally when pranksters capture a big name’s online networking account, they utilize it to either snatch individual data from DMs or advance their own particular causes. The up ’til now unidentified jokester who seized control of Britney Lances’ record in 2009 had different plans, be that as it may.

When he assumed control, he chose to go full Illuminati on the artist, filling her page foundation with eye-bearing pyramids and Tweeting about the star “offering herself to Lucifer consistently” and seeking after the entry of the New World Request. The odd message still stands as one of the most amusing celeb hacks.

Max Headroom

The entire contrivance behind Max Headroom – made acclaimed as a Pepsi pitchman in 1985 – was that he was a maverick counterfeit consciousness that could assume control shows easily. So in 1987, it was just common that he turned into the substance of a standout amongst the most noteworthy television hacks ever.

One November night, a man in a Headroom veil cut into the communicate flag of two Chicago stations, airing a crazy video in which he raged and afterward dropped trou and was paddled on the butt with a flyswatter. The attack just endured a hour and a half, however that was sufficiently long to end up programmer legend.

1909 Transmit Hack

How about we go path back in time for this one, to demonstrate that even before there were PCs there were programmers. In 1909, a gathering of a portion of London’s finest men assembled in the Imperial Organization’s address corridor to witness the first-since forever show of long-separate remote broadcast planned by Guglielmo Marconi. Be that as it may, when the machine was started up, it begun tapping out an offending lyric about Marconi “diddling people in general.” The reason? The framework had been hacked by conjurer and prankster Nevil Maskelyne, who made sense of Marconi’s technique and concocted a workaround to affront his adversary.

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